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Lyon & Healy

Style 30

Style 30


A modern harp created by Lyon & Healy in 1958, the Style 30 has a stately, formal look that endures the test of time. The sculpted vertical lines in the column are offset by soft arcs at the top. Angles in the base are restrained by a curved slope and beveled edges. The soundboard with single inlay edging features two subtle angles, giving the illusion of a bend and complementing the graceful design of the column. The architectural shape of the harp creates a unique and brilliant sound.

Strings: 47

Weight: 37 kg

Height: 185 cm

Width: 99 cm

Price: *USD $ 27,900

*In addition, freight, NZ GST, and customs charges will apply

**Contact Amanda at info@oceaniaharpstudio for a fixed price offer on any Lyon & Healy Harp.

Finish: Mahogany, ebony, walnut

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