Purchasing a Harp

We understand that purchasing a new harp is an important financial investment, so if you are thinking about a harp from either of these manufacturers please contact us via the email link so we can further discuss and understand your individual harp requirements so that we can help you achieve your aspirations.


Prices listed on this website are advertised in the currency of the country of origin of the instruments. Rest assured that as an official agent for Teifi, Salvi and Lyon & Healy, all harps ordered through Oceania Harp Studio are being offered to New Zealand harp players at the same price set by these manufacturers.

In addition, to clarify the price of ordering and delivering a harp in New Zealand is a combination of the following:

  • The manufacturer's harp price
  • International exchange rates
  • Freight charges from manufacturer to NZ (vary daily, so can't be quoted for)
  • NZ GST (paid on both the value of the harp & freight charge)
  • NZ custom charges
  • Freight clearing charges
  • Delivery to home address

If you are trying to calculate your harp budget, there is a very rough, rule of thumb you can follow to give an idea of the cost of importing a harp at this time: (DUE TO COVID resulting in the historically high current international freight charges the calculation below can only be considered a guide).

UK price x 3 = NZ price (pre COVID guide only) US price x 2 = NZ price (post COVID guide only)

From time to time Oceania Harp Studio will have instruments and other harp related items in stock, and when these are available they will be advertised in New Zealand dollars and will be available for immediate purchase.

If you wish to order a Lyon & Healy or Salvi harp, payment will generally be in 3 steps:

  1. You will be invoiced for a 10% deposit of the MSRP USD$.
  2. Pay the remaining amount for the harp, the freight to NZ, and insurance in USD$, direct to the manufacturer, or Oceania Harp Studio (depending on the manufacturer's preference).
  3. When your harp arrives in NZ you will need to pay for customs, GST of 15% (on value of the harp and freight), clearance fees, and delivery to your home address in NZD$ direct to the freight clearing company. 

I do not mark up any of these prices, as I am working very hard to offer harps to NZ players at actual cost.