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Lyon & Healy

Silhoutte (Electric)

Silhoutte (Electric)


The Silhouette is an electric lever harp with a sleek and innovative design, which allows for both stationary and mobile performances. The harp is built with transducers (pickups) on each string that interface with the onboard preamp. The preamp volume, treble, mid-range and bass equalization can be adjusted with four easily located slide controls. Comparatively lightweight at 16 pounds (7 Kg) approximately, harpists have the freedom to be as expressive in their movement as they are with their music.

Strings: 33

Weight: 7 kg

Height: 125 cm

Width: 67 cm

Price: US$6,600

In addition, freight, NZ GST, and customs charges will apply

Finish: Red, metallic silver, metallic blue, metallic green, jet black

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